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EMS, Emergency Motorscooter Starter

by Vittorio Lista, March 10th, 2015.

Do You own a motorscooter?

Do You have a model with electric starter and automatic transmission?

Well, be advised!

The modern electronic ignition system in these motorscooter stops working correctly when the battery power drops below a value You cannot easily identify in advance.

When this happens, and sure will happen soon or later, the electrical motor starts, maybe not vigorously, but sure fast enough to rotate Your engine, so You believe that Your scooter should start, but it doesn't, why not?

Simply because there is still enough power to activate the electrical starter, and even the lights, but no more power enough for the electronic ignition, so Your scooter doesn't start all of a sudden.

OK, You only need to go down a hill, or to push by hand Your motorscooter to start it, where is the problem?

Well, the problem is that there is an automatic transmission, so the absence of a direct mechanical connection between the engine and the wheel will make this "old way" effort really painfull and a total waste of time.

Therefore this is an issue that sure will happen by surprise and of course when You are in hurry and there is no easy way to change Your battery.

How to solve this issue?

With the EMS cable here in this picture.

Simply take under You seat this EMS cable, so when this happens You only have to stop a car close by and kindly ask to fit this cable in the cigar socket - every car has this socket - to be able to start Your motorscooter!

You can prepare Your scooter - I deeply invite You to do it - with a female connector close to the battery, so that You do not have to open the battery cover. Of course please use a connector that does not cause short-circuits during insertion or extraction (use co-axial connectors like those used laptops power socket, and not for earphones!

Then You simply take Your cable under Your seat.
When need it, You fit on side of the cable (left in the above picture) in this small socket close to Your motorscooter's battery and ask a kind driver of any car to insert the other end of Your cable (right in the above picture) in the cigar socket: one minute and You are ready to go!

Since Your battery is not fully dead so far, and is still connected in parallel, the power You are dropping out of the cigar socket is relatively small, so You do not need to wait for the battery to recharge, and a simple 1.5mm diameter cable will do the job without burning the fuse of the cigar socket.

The same female connector close to Your motorscooter's battery will also works great for recharging the battery when You are recovering Your motorscooter in Your garage.