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ETA, Emergency Tracker & Antitheft for cars and motorcycles

by Paolo Lista, March 10th, 2015.

Do You have an old mobile phone, so ugly and scratched You do not use it any more?

Is it the old type without camera, WiFi, GPS and so long, but still capable of calling and receiving?

Well, do not throw it away, and with only 5 Euros/year You can use it as an Emergency Tracker for Your car.

Here how to do!

  • 1 - Check the battery in Your old mobile phone, and in case replace it.

  • 2 - Buy the cheapest, pre-charged SIM with a brand new phone number and the lowest pre-paid value of voice traffic in it (You only need to get a new phone number to receive calls, so do not look for selecting a pre-configured bouquet of voice/SMS/internet: in Italy, for example, Vodaphone sells a new SIM for 5 Euros, including 1 Euro of prepaid traffic in it, which is all what You need in this case). Please only remember to re-charge Your SIM with at least 5 Euros (in Italy) once a year (no later than twelve months after previous re-charge) to keep this phone number alive.

  • 3 - Check that the new SIM works correctly in Your old phone; disable PIN, disable any extra services (such as call transfers for example) and activate all possible energy saver functionalities. Check that Your phone is always ready to receive incoming calls without any manual permission. It is up to You to decide if You want Your mobile phone to ring or not with incoming calls. If You leave the ringer on, You can check later and at any time if Your phone is live by simply hearing it. Otherwise, if You leave the ringer off, You will not be disturbed by incoming calls You are not placing by Yourself.

  • 4 - Connect the car charger to Your mobile phone and select a good place for both the mobile and the charger in Your car, I mean a place out of any sights were nobody will look for it. It should be a clean and dry space close to electrical power, and without full metallic enclosures to limit radio reception. For example, disassemble a rear light in Your car and check for some empty space behind the plastic body of the lights; connect the charger to the rear light wires (of course use the full light wires, not the brake-light, to provide power for longer time). Find a safe position for it, dry and clean, fixing Your phone with tape or deformable plastic, and re-assemble the rear light. This way Your phone is recharged when the lights are on, and can survive for several days when Your car is not driven and the power is switch off.

  • 5 - Now, what happen if someone steal You car? Well, You simply has to remember the number of Your old mobile phone for the Police to track where's Your car without even ringing You phone!

  • 6 - How much are You going to pay for this Emergengy Tracker? Only 5 Euros to get a new SIM with a new phone number to go for one full year, and additional 5 Euros every following years!