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PFP, the clever Plate For Pizza

by Laura Rizzato, January 1st, 2015.

Do You like take-away pizza?

Me too! But there are three aspects I really dislike, which are:

  • 1) The paper box. Yes. Your pizza it's ready for You to take it away, so You need a paper box to take it with you. But this doesn't come for free, even if it's fully branded or advertised, You have an additional 1 Euros to pay up to Your pizza bargain only to advertise Your take away. And remember to bring this box to the paper disposal and recovery when You have eaten.

  • 2) Getting cold. The paper box cannot store the natural heat of Your pizza for too much, and of course it doesn't allow for natural breathing, which is mandatory if Your pizza is cooked with a wood stove. As a result, when You get home and are ready to eat Your pizza, You suddenly discover that it is cold down and gummy for the humidity that was trapped inside the paper box.

  • 3) Need a plate. If You want to seat at home, eating your pizza inside its paper box is really impossible unless it has been pre-cut and You want to put in Your hands - which is the right way to enjoy it only before getting out of the take way. Otherwise, You need to put Your pizza in a large plate, a size of dish that usually You do not have at home. Moreover, if You haven't pre-heated this dish to the right temperature to host Your pizza, it will turn to be only the right grave for You cold and gummy bargain.
  • This is why PFP (PlateForPizza) helps You!

  • 1) PFP is a cheap yet solid plate, the right size for Your pizza, with a cover that allows for the desired, manually regulated breathing of Your pizza while moving it into Your car.

  • 2) PFP is safely heated by means of a safe low voltage resistor, it works with the cigarette plug of Your car (and elsewhere with a main adapter). The heating power is just enough to prevent Your pizza to cool down, so the reduced heat generation avoids any risk of hazard in Your car.

  • 3) PFP is stackable and transportable, so that You can rigidly put one top of the others in case You are driving to a party.

  • 4) PFP is the right size plate to enjoy Your pizza without looking for the right dish at home.

  • 5) PFP can be washed and re-used because it is a sealed low voltage device (12 Volt).

  • 6) PFP can be the perfect advertising for Your take away. If You are on the other side, I mean if You run a take-away pizza instead of being a customer, this PFP can proudly show Your logo and make a difference when You offer it for Your customer to buy it.